VGStorm offers a growing selection of games, shareware and free.

We currently offer six engaging titles. You can learn more below.

Manamon 2: The Eternal Requiem

Manamon 2 is the sequel to Manamon, a game released in July 2016. It offers a brand new world to explore, and over 140 new Manamon to capture and collect. It offers an upgraded online experience that allows you to battle and trade with friends without knowing IP Addresses or messing with firewalls, it just works!
It also features a brand new storyline and a host of new characters, friends and foes alike.

Manamon 1

Manamon is a large, fully featured turnbased RPG in the style of popular video game RPGs.
It extends and improves upon the mechanics found in Paladin of the Sky, though it is not a sequel.

Manamon features tons of monsters to battle and collect, over 200 different attacks, and immersive sound design.

The Gate

The Gate is an intense horror themed sidescroller with professional voice acting and sound design. It features hours of gameplay and loads of demonic monsters for you to vanquish.

Psycho Strike

Psycho Strike is a mix between an RPG, a sidescroller and an adventure game. It captures the best parts of each genre in order to create a truly unique and groundbreaking gaming experience. In Psycho Strike, you take the roll of a gangster leader. Throughout your adventure you will have the opportunity to collect weapons, recruit new criminals for your team of violent outlaws, collect more and more powerful items to fortify your base, and just terrorize the city in general.

Paladin of the Sky

Paladin of the Sky is an audio game in the style of popular console roleplaying games. The game contains over fifteen dungeons and twenty bosses. It features hours of fun maps to explore, as well as an in depth storyline.

Paladin of the Sky was designed with console Japonese roleplaying games from the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s in mind. The game also takes a new look on casting spells in a turn based roleplaying setting.

Adventure at C:

Adventure at C: is the first title released by VGStorm. It is a difficult side scroller designed to put your gaming skills to the test! The controls are easy to remember, which makes learning to play the game a quick and easy process.

Adventure at C: also features a custom stage builder which has many features to allow unique stage creation.