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The development of audio games is a time consuming and often costly endeavor. Not only do songs have to be commissioned or purchased, sound effects need to be purchased, and sometimes voice actors need to be hired, it also takes a lot of work and time to develop a fully fledged audio game.

VGStorm is a small development studio where nearly every task in the game development lifecycle is carried out by a single developer. A developer who maintains that prioritizing the quality of games is more important than focusing on the higher profitability of producing a larger quantity of games that fail to meaningfully innovate.

Blind customers are a small audience, and VGStorm will therefore always cater to a niche market. Regretably, theft is also prominent in the modern age, and the blind community is no exception. All too often, the agonizing months and years that go into developing games are taken for granted by people who illegally steel games and who do not pay for the hours of entertainment they receive.

Owing to these difficult conditions, most audio game developers leave the audio game community to pursue other ventures. VGStorm will always fight to continue bringing you quality and groundbreaking new games to play, but it will make the load just a bit lighter if you could help out. If you want to help VGStorm continue to create quality and innovative games, please consider making a donation. Every bit helps. There is no such thing as a small donation, it all makes a difference!

Whether you donate or not, whether you're a customer or not, thank you for taking the time to learn more about VGStorm and games for the blind. If you don't understand how games for the blind work and want to learn more, every single game on VGStorm offers an expansive demo with loads of gameplay. Check them out!